PNR Status – Check IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Railway PNR Status Quickly

PNR Status Check on this site is one of the quick & Most effective way to check your IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Railway PNR Status enquiry. All you need is your 10 Digit PNR number which you can find on your ticket.

PNR Status Enquiry – Check IRCTC PNR Status & Indian Railway PNR Status

Indian Railway IRCTC PNR Status Enquiry

PNR stands from Passenger Name Reservation is the unique number in the Computerized Reservation System (CRS) of Indian Railways assigned for every ticket purchased by the passenger. PNR status keeps on changing as there is change in waiting list number. Past were the days, when passengers were standing in a queue at railway station counter for a long time or dial telephone to check their Railways PNR status. Today, Indian Railway has changed a lot to cope with the present stressful lifestyle where people are always in shortage of time.

Indian Railway with the help of IRCTC is now providing several different ways to check IRCTC PNR status on just fingertips.

Quick Ways to Check Indian Railway IRCTC PNR Status

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the subsidiary of Indian Railway is handling tourism, ticket booking and catering operations. PNR status is most often accessed by the passengers. Hence, IRCTC has offered quite comprehensive services to people of India to check their PNR reservation status. The passengers can now quickly check their journey status from IRCTC using their computer (Online way), mobile handset, landline phone, Smartphone and a range of devices that fall into iPhone community.

Here are few quick ways to check Indian railways IRCTC PNR status:

How to Check PNR Status on Your PC

You can check PNR status on your PC online through Indian Railway website. You need to enter your PNR number in the given input box and know your PNR status.

You need to enter your PNR number in the given input box and know your PNR status.

You can also check the PNR status at IRCTC website. You can go to booked tickets and choose your ticket to check PNR status.

Above two services are offered by Indian Railway, however, you can find out your PNR status through various other travel agents based websites. Here are the major travel websites that offer this facility: and  are the private travel website agent who offers PNR reservation status to the passengers.

How to Check Railways PNR Status on Mobile

You can check Indian Railway PNR status on mobile with SMS services. There are 5 ways to enquire PNR status on mobile.

  1. SMS ”PNR<PNR NUMBER>” to 139 (Remember sms without any spaces)
  2. SMS ”PNR<space><PNR NUMBER>” to  54959
  3. SMS ”PNR<space><PNR NUMBER>” to  5676747
  4. SMS ”IRPNR<space><PNR NUMBER>” to  57886
  5. SMS ”<PNR number>” to 9773300000 (service launched by Google)

First four services will cost you premium charges of Rs. 3/SMS while the last service which is offered by Google will cost your local message charges anywhere in India. SMS service offered by Google will turn out to be reasonable if you are frequently travelling by trains.

How to Check IRCTC PNR Status on Smartphone

Indian Railway has facilitated Smartphone users to check various information on Indian Railway using Indian Rail Info App, which is easily available in the Android Marketplace. Using this application you can check PNR status on your Android Smartphone. Initially, this application was available on Smartphone but now it is also available in tablets, and iPhone communities like iPad, iPod, iPhone.

If you are using IRCTC PNR status on Smartphone for the first time then before you start enquiry PNR status, install Indian Rail Info App:

  1. Open Android Market Place application on your Smartphone
  2. Search Indian Rail Info application.
  3. Select Indian Rail Info from the search page to install.
  4. As soon as it gets installed on your device, you will get a message that “Appln is installed successfully”.

Now, you can check your PNR status by following given steps:

  1. Open Indian Rail Info application.
  2. You will find an input box to enter a PNR number.
  3. Input your 10 digit PNR Number
  4. Press search button.

How to Check PNR status on Phone

You can check PNR status on phone if you have BSNL or MTNL connection. Follow the given steps:

  1. Dial 139 from BSNL/MTNL phone to check PNR status.
  2. Follow IVR instructions.
  3. Enter your PNR number.
  4. You will get your reservation details