eTicket – How to Join & Book the Ticket Online is one of the best way to book your ticket online. There is no need to go to the railway station & stand in a long queue to book the ticket. So if you want to book the ticket on then first step will be to join the website of IRCTC.

How to Join

Here is the step by step details to join the website quickly. Just visit this signup link & fill up all the details. There are chances that you will make some mistake while joining the IRCTC website, so to avoid any mistake, check here some tips.

  • Choose a username of more than 3 & less than 10 characters. Avoid using complex username. Choose something, you can remember easily.
  • Choose a proper security question & provide the answer, you can remind easily so that you can use this in future if you forget the password.
  • Next, write the correct details of yours like first & last name, gender, marital status, date of birth & occupation.
  • Enter the correct mobile number because you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile from & you have to enter that code to confirm your mobile number.
  • Check your email address twice before you submit the signup form because you will receive your password in your email. Sometime, it may go into your spam folder, so check spam folder also.
  • Then enter your complete address because sometime you may wish to receive the ticket at your place.
  • In the end, enter the same text from the image. If you are not able to identify the character then you can click on the round arrow for the new image.

Now to join IRCTC, just submit the signup form. You will receive confirmation code in the mobile & password in the email.

Then visit the home page of IRCTC i.e. & then login to the site with your username & password.

Once you are inside your account, you can do whatever you want. You can book a ticket, cancel a ticket, check PNR status or browse the booked ticket history.

How to Book an e-Ticket in

Its very easy to book the ticket & do other activities in IRCTC account. While you are logged in to your account, you will see the screen as below. Just refer the below image to learn what are the different options in

Here is the procedure to book the e-ticket-

  • Enter the name of the place in ‘from’ field where you want to board the train.
  • Enter the name of city in ‘to’ field where you want to go.
  • Enter the date of the journey.
  • Then choose whether you want a eTicket or iTicket. e-Ticket is more preferable as you have to pay Rs. 40/- extra in i-Ticket. If you choose iTicket, IRCTC will send you the printed ticket at your given address. In e-Ticket, you can print your ticket from the print option. Even that is not really needed. You can even travel with the PNR number that is sent on your mobile from
  • Choose the quota like ‘General’, ‘ladies’ or ‘Tatkal’. You can use tatkal in emergency only. If you want to book a tatkal ticket, you can do that 2 days before. Otherwise choose ‘General’.
      After clicking on ‘Find Trains’ button, you will be provided with the list of trains which are available for your journey. Along with the name of the table, you will also be provided with

different class

    like sleeper, 3 tier, 2 tier etc. You can choose & class as per your convenient.
    After you choose any of the class for a particular train, you will see another box in the same window which will give you the details of your selected train & class.

Here you can see if the ticket is available or not. If the ticket is not available, it will show like waiting or RAC.

You can also check fare of the ticket. If the ticket is not available for a particular train, you can try other options like changing the date, train or traveling class. Once you find this as available, you can book the ticket by clicking on the ‘book’ link that is available next to ‘AVAILABLE’ row as shown in the image below.


After clicking on ‘Book’, you will be taken the next page where you have to fill the details of the passengers travelling in the journey. You can choose your ‘berth preference’ in case there is any senior citizen or child travelling with you. Yes, you can also get the advantage of senior citizen quota if you have someone with 65+ years of age. You need to tick on the box for senior citizen.

Fill up all the details & then click ‘Go’. You will be taken to another window where you can review all the details. Check this properly & if everything is fine, you can click on ‘Make Payment’ button.

You will be presented with number of payment option in the next screen from You can choose the most convenient method for your payment.

After successful payment, your ticket will be booked & you can take the printout of your e-Ticket. You will also receive message from with booking details. You can travel with this SMS also without getting your printed ticket.

Hope you will enjoy your journey. In case you have any query related to joining & booking your website, leave a comment below.

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